They met members of Applegate’s Workplace Degree Programme, who are studying for the BSc in Management and Business whilst gaining practical experience through work in different parts of the company. They will also qualify as Chartered Managers and Members of the Chartered Institute of Management.

The scheme falls under the government’s classification of ‘Degree Apprenticeships’, with all fees paid for the students, who also earn both for their time working and their time in college. Lectures take place at Petroc College’s University Centre in Barnstaple, where lecturers teach the Plymouth University syllabus at a location convenient for the students to access.

Nationally, there are only two thousand degree apprentices at present, but with clear benefits both for the students (avoiding debt and gaining real applied experience) and for employers (access to excellent, motivated recruits) there should be potential for this model to make up a much greater proportion of higher education provision in future.


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