Kickstarting my career at Applegate

My name is Elliott Brooks-Wadham and last week I joined Applegate as an Onboarding Co-Ordinator via the Government's Kickstart Scheme.

I've been tasked with putting together a blog detailing my journey so far and what I hope to achieve at Applegate.

After moving to North Devon at the age of 14, I attended secondary school in Barnstaple and have lived locally ever since. I've previously worked in hospitality, retail, and educational settings. 

I enjoy a variety of sports such as table tennis, football, golf, and running. I am very keen on fitness. These have really helped me to become more resilient and push myself to the limit.

How I became aware of the job at Applegate Marketplace...

I became aware of the Kickstart opportunity through my work coach at the Department for Work and Pensions. We thought this could be a great fit as I could use transferrable skills that I have learnt through my previous employment, whilst developing my skills in a business-focused environment. 

The prospect of working for a North Devon company and being able to make an impact is something that excites me and drives me on to achieve success working at Applegate

The application process...

After hearing the opportunity was available, I tailored my CV and cover letter for the job available at Applegate. I was delighted to get a response inviting me to the office for an interview.  There was clear and consistent communication from Applegate and the DWP during the application process, which helped to streamline the application process.

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The interview process...

I was interviewed by the Head of Marketing, Gina, and Joanna who is the Buyer Support Team Leader and HR Executive. 

I was warmly welcomed and put at ease, and for me, it was one of the best interviews I've ever had. I explained my previous working experience and how I felt I could be an asset to the company. 

I also explained my goals for the future and what I want to achieve for both myself personally and what I can help Applegate to deliver as a business.

What I hope to achieve...

I want to use my skills such as working under pressure, adapting to certain situations, and leadership skills to improve the company and add my input.

In terms of the technical aspects, I'd like to learn the day-to-day systems in detail such as HubSpot and CMS. Applegate has a focus on Artificial Intelligence and this is an aspect that I'd like to explore throughout my kickstart scheme. 

Dealing with clients and developing customer service skills is something that I worked on during my time in retail. This is an area in which as an Onboarding Coordinator, I'll need to ensure I can excel. 

Growing up and living in Devon, I'm interested in the SupplyDevon scheme, the work they do for local businesses, and the positive impact this initiative has on the economy of the local area. This is an area of the business I'm interested in learning more about and helping to contribute to. 

Where I see myself this time next year...

In one year from now, I see myself working in the business sector, whether it's here at Applegate or elsewhere. I enjoy this type of work and hope to have gained a lot more knowledge and experience which I can use to propel my career.

Improving certain skills such as talking to potential clients on the phone looking to join the system is something I'm looking at being proficient in 12 months away.

It's currently an area that I feel needs work so I believe it'll be a good area to target and monitor my progress on. Gaining this experience will be crucial for future jobs. 







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