Print and promotional merchandise as part of your branding strategy

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen businesses having to completely re-think their marketing and communications strategies. Consumer trends and behaviours have shifted drastically and priorities for these consumers look very different to how they might have prior to 2020.

We don’t know exactly what the future holds for the printing industry. The slow and steady approach to returning to ‘normal’ may impact print providers production volumes. However, there’s never been a better time for businesses to ensure that their marketing collateral is working as hard as it should be.

Offline vs Online

The most obvious shift is of course to online. The pandemic has forced consumers to source their goods and services online, creating a real challenge for physical sales. A challenge which for some businesses who already had a good online presence meant a sudden surge of activity and increased revenue, whilst for others they had to quickly learn and adapt to using online sales channels and in many cases pivot or adapt their offering.

Promoting your businesses key messages or products and services in a visually effective way and having stand out amongst the many competitors both offline and online is key. In a new world where we now see thousands of online ads every day, offline print and advertising methods could have more impact. According to this blog article from, Analysts expect print marketing to grow at a steady two to three per cent a year over the next decade.

Marketing collateral comes in many forms. Whilst many businesses and advertisers have taken the decision to focus on their online presence it’s important to have an integrated strategy that supports both online and offline activity.

Brand awareness - Take it back to basics
Brand awareness is vital, but let’s take it back to basics. Do people know what your business is about or what products or services you provide? Is your messaging clear? Is your logo present on all of your marketing collateral and does it properly represent your business? Be sure that the way you visually represent your business to your prospective customers is effective and consistent.

You may like to consider using a professional marketing or branding agency to help build your brand if it’s not something you’ve already developed. Whilst you may want to hold back on your marketing and advertising budget, investing in developing your brand will be well worth it – having a professional designer or design agency on hand will help you look professional, credible and create the right first impression.

Maximise your branding efforts
As well as the traditional types of collateral and printed materials, such as business cards, letterheads, leaflets and brochures, you can help build and develop initial relationships with the use of promotional merchandise. Presenting a branded pen, mug or bag to a prospect could influence your next sale, your potential customer may also use it as a way to recommend your business, meaning additional exposure for your brand to anyone else who may come across it. It's a simple way to promote your products and services.

How Applegate can help
If you’re reading this and wondering where to start, Applegate can help connect you with suppliers who can help. Whether it’s a Design or Branding Agency to help develop your branding strategy, a Digital Marketing Agency to support your PPC or SEO efforts, or a printing provider to run your next set of business cards, simply let us know your requirements and we will connect you to one of the many suppliers in our network of over 140,000. Submit your enquiry or request a quotation using the link below. 

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