SupplyDevon delivers Carbon Savings to Torbay Council

Torbay Council's use of SupplyDevon, the free-to-use marketplace for Devon businesses, has delivered 3,188kg of carbon dioxide equivalent savings during the first nine months of their trial period.

This is the equivalent of over 76 journeys from Barnstaple to Torquay. 

In late 2021, Torbay Council piloted the Supply Devon portal for all spending between £5,000 and £50,000. The aim was to make contracts more accessible for local SMEs, capitalising on the potential emissions saved from utilising businesses within local communities, and reducing the distance goods have to travel.

Using one of the most advanced calculations of carbon emissions savings, developed in collaboration with the University of Exeter, SupplyDevon determined the volume of emissions saved during the initial phase of the trial by using suppliers closer than existing suppliers. This research has also enabled the calculations of £502,000 gross added value (GVA) benefit to Torbay and over £1 million GVA to the entire Devon region.


Dr. Dan Lash at the University of Exeter said: “We were pleased to be able to support Applegate in developing methods to quantify the potential greenhouse gas savings associated with local procurement. We feel this an important first step in the long journey towards decarbonising supply chains for businesses and public authorities”.

More than 5,250 Devon businesses have already registered on SupplyDevon, with more than 270 companies and 109 contracts from Torbay alone.

“The initial results of this pilot programme are hugely encouraging," commented Stuart Brocklehurst, Chief Executive of SupplyDevon operator Applegate. "This shows the difference that local purchasing can make both to economic wellbeing and to reducing our carbon footprints."


At a time when local councils are looking at community wealth-building approaches to grow local economies and achieve net-zero carbon emissions, the results are promising.

The platform has given Torbay Council a building block to achieving their goals and other local and district councils a helping hand in establishing means to achieve similar objectives.

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