The future of health and safety wear in the workplace

Yesterday was the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The last 25 years has seen a drastic change in attitudes to how employers and unions look after workers.  

Here at Applegate, we receive enquiries from every industry for safety wear, clothing, and appropriate footwear. Whether it’s a hard-hat on a building site, non-slip shoes for a chef in a kitchen, or a hi-vis jacket for a steward in a football stadium, the importance of health and safety across the board is now considered as the main priority.  

According to data from, over 38.8 million working days were lost due to work related illness and workplace injury in Great Britain over the past 12 months. The estimated costs of injuries and ill health from working conditions were over £16.2 billion. These are staggering statistics and exemplify the importance of keeping safe at work.  

The past 12 months have arguably seen us take health and safety more important than ever. The personal protective equipment (PPE) industry is a sector which has grown massively since the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s safe to say that regardless of how the virus develops over the coming years, PPE is here to stay and is now considered a key part of staying safe whilst at work

However, the PPE market is changing. No longer are masks and visors viewed as just an element of staying safe. They are now an opportunity to promote your brand. 

Applegate has seen a rise in companies asking for branded face masks, visors and aprons. Many companies have used the implementation of PPE to help promote their brand, if you’re interested in this for your company click here to send a request to suppliers on our platform. 

But for many people, PPE is viewed as an opportunity to be fashionable. Even designer brands are getting involved in the PPE industry. Palm Angels, Off-White and Missoni are just a few designer brands that are now producing face masks.  

So this poses the question, where does the future of health and safety wear lie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!  

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