4 Tips on Choosing the Best Same-day Courier for Your Business

Selecting the right courier is like inviting someone into your family. Their shortcomings become your shortcomings. However, conversely, their strengths earn you praises.

In Seth Godin's book, All Marketers Tell Stories, he talks about how difficult it is to control the first impression you make with your customers. In most cases, the basis of a first impression is a specific experience. In this case, your courier service is a significant part of your customers' first experience.

So how do you know whom to choose? Here are a few tips to help you make that decision.

Tips On Choosing an Urgent Courier Service

1. Price vs. Service

Keeping costs low is a struggle for every business. However, cheap is usually costly in the long run. The price is just part of the equation. You should aim to get it right the first time. If a lower price increases the risk of having to replace a client's purchase or deal with the blowback of delayed delivery, it's not worth it. As far as price goes, ask yourself the following questions:

 - What does that price tag buy you?
 - Does it include moment-by-moment tracking or simply notifications?
 - Do they have an emergency service if something happens en route?
 - What guarantees do they offer for a one-day courier service?
 - Are they as efficient with bulky items as they are with document parcels?
 - Can they handle your daily volumes?


2. 24-hour Customer Service

When your client asks for a collection and delivery overnight service, it's often out of need, not lack of patience. You need a responsive courier. As you reassure your clients that their packages are on the way, you need the same assurance.

Ask your courier if they have 24-hour support, work 365 days a year, and if you can reach them using multiple communication channels. Also, find out how do they communicate when things go wrong. Many complaints online originate from bad experiences with customer service.


3. Network in The UK and Europe

Having a digital business means your customer base can expand beyond your local border. Brexit has complicated the movement of goods between the UK and the rest of Europe. You need a courier that knows how to navigate their way with regards to the newest levies, taxes, and procedures. Will they inform you ahead of time of any new requirements? The delivery of goods is an integral part of your product cycle. Your courier is your partner in that respect, and they should treat you as such.


4. Reputation as an Urgent Express Courier

No courier has a spotless record, and this shouldn't be the focus of your search. As you assess your options, learn from other businesses. Fortunately, courier companies have a wide variety of clients who are not competitors. Take time to talk to other companies and learn from their experience.

If you're undertaking an online review, read through those low ratings. Sometimes the star rating tells half the story. For example, clients will give a low rating because of a disappointing delay but will explain the measures taken by the company to remedy the situation.

Outsourcing is the norm, and couriers are as much a reflection of your business as your sales department. As an extension of your business, you want to know that you're more than just a customer number. Take the time to ask questions and do trial deliveries with your shortlisted vendors. Switching carriers can be taxing, so don't make a rash decision.

At Applegate, we understand that time is a valuable resource. Our platform allows businesses to find service providers that can match their desired quality standards. We are your one-stop-shop in your search for same-day courier services. Visit our website and let us help you make the right connections.

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