How SupplyDevon can help local businesses recover from the COVID -19 pandemic

SupplyDevon, launched in 2021, has just celebrated its 1st birthday, we’re delighted with what we’ve achieved in a short period, in somewhat still challenging circumstances.

We have over 5,000 suppliers registered, several local governments signed up and we’re seeing more contracts than ever won by local businesses. But more than that, we’re delighted to have lent our voice to the community wealth-building movement in helping all regions in Devon recover from the impacts of coronavirus.

If you are still unaware of the service we offer and how it can benefit your business, we’ve summarised it in a few points below.

Let’s cut straight to the chase. As we’ve mentioned above, SupplyDevon can offer a new source of opportunities relevant to your business. You receive direct access to the buyers, quote on their needs and communicate with them within the SupplyDevon platform. If you are looking for a new source of leads, you are looking to grow your businesses as we begin to leave the pandemic behind us, and you want to connect with buyers from your local regions, all to quote on and win more business, sign up for free, today. 

Free to use

No annual fee, no commission on any sale, no hidden costs. A free means to buy and sell to help you find new business opportunities and find new (maybe cheaper) suppliers. If you operate a Devon business, you can register for free on SupplyDevon and quote on any opportunity relevant for your business. If you’re looking to buy products and services from other local businesses, we can help with this for free as well.

Bid on local Government tenders

It’s not just opportunities from other businesses that you can quote on with SupplyDevon. There are reports of a £6 million cash injection into the Devon region to help the recovery from Covid-19, meaning local governments will have money to spend and contracts to award. Several local governments have committed to using SupplyDevon for tenders with a value between £5,000 and £50,000 and we’re regularly seeing business awarded via our platform. You could be winning a piece of this action.

Reduce costs in a cost-of-living crisis

With a cost-of-living crisis looming, every person and business will feel the effect of rising prices. Identifying new suppliers with potentially lower costs could go some way to countering price increases. SupplyDevon makes this easier by identifying multiple relevant businesses on your behalf and inviting them to quote on the product or service you require. Inside the platform, you can compare multiple quotes and communicate with suppliers to try and arrange a more competitive price.

Buy into the community wealth-building movement, literally!

Much has been written and spoken about the community wealth-building movement since the pandemic started. Opinions suggest it will play a crucial part in the recovery of local economies. Initially, the conversation feels gloomy regarding economic struggles, climate emergencies, and social inequalities. Dig a little deeper and you will unveil the true benefit of community wealth-building.

A movement to improve the lives of local people, bringing together the community, businesses, and government departments to construct a regional plan incorporating growth, jobs, fairness, and inclusion. Buying and selling locally will play a big part in this strategy, money you spend will be circulated to the people and other businesses in your community, even reducing carbon outputs as goods travel a shorter distance if they are sourced or manufactured locally.

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