Ten Of The Best Corporate Branded Gifts

Whether you're looking to reward your workforce or build customer relationships, promotional branded products have long been and continue to be a key element of business marketing. 


Giving your company a professional look, these corporate branded gifts are an opportunity to show the character of your business. 

Whether it's highlighting your company's ethos, or you might just be looking for something fun that'll stand out, check out our top ten best corporate branded gifts below.

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1. Eco-friendly water bottles

Staying hydrated is key! An environmentally-friendly water bottle is not only a long-lasting product that will be utilised, but it also demonstrates your company's ethos towards the environment. Whether it's made of bamboo, glass, or recycled materials, you can find a vast array of options available to suit you needs.

2. USB sticks

Despite everything being able to be stored and transported via the internet, these little sticks are still greatly valued and continue to be an important tool in the business world. 


3. Printed Notebook

Following on from the previous point of everything being stored and transferred via the internet, we can't forget that nothing can replace scribbling down a few notes. 

Whether it's an eye-catching design full of colour, or a simple yet elegant style, you can personalise these notebooks to represent your company's character. 


4. PPE

Personal protective equipment, shortened to PPE, is a sector that most people had never even heard ago this time two years ago. With the outbreak of the pandemic, the sector grew rapidly. Many businesses have invested in branded hi- sanitisers, masks, and more!

With the end of free government-provided PPE looming, activity in this sector is likely to pick up again with costs increasing. Investing in reusable, branded masks could be a good long-term move. Check out these mini hand sanitizers. 


5. Plants

Who doesn't love a plant? On top of helping to increase productivity and creativity, reduce stress, and clean the air, they're aesthetically pleasing and even make your workplace more attractive to job applicants!

Ranging from small desktop plants to grand floor planters, you can get your business' logo engraved on the pot. 



6. Rock

As a Devon-based company, there's no way we couldn't give a nod to our heritage with this classic gift. Rock isn't for everyone, but it's sure to remind you of the seaside (and a visit to the dentist!). How would your business' name look engraved into a wedge of rock?

Rock-Bars4w-17. Power Bank

In a world where we're always on the go, there are not many items you can receive more useful than a portable power bank. Whomever this gift ends up in the hands of, you can guarantee that it'll get used!




8. Chocolates 

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It's chocolate. If you don't enjoy it, someone else will! 



9. Tote Bag

These environmentally friendly bags are useful for a variety of reasons. I can tell you right now that our 'bag full of bags' at home is in fact a branded tote bag from a large banking company. Wherever you are in the world, surely you can't be far from one of these!



10. Touchscreen-Friendly Gloves

Picture the scene. It's a bitter, January's day and you're on the bus to work. Wrapped up in four layers, you need to change the song but your phone won't respond due to the thick gloves you're wearing. You have to expose your hands to the harsh conditions.

Then you have a lightbulb moment. A company that is trying to sign your business up as clients gifted you some touchscreen-friendly winter gloves. Your problem is sorted. Need I say more? 


Have we missed any of the obvious best corporate branded gifts? Let us know via our LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook!

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