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Five Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Our Marketplace Model

What is a B2B marketplace? What type of buyers use the Applegate platform? What are the costs involved and how will using it benefit my business?

If you're considering joining Applegate, these five most commonly asked questions may help you make that all important decision...

What is a B2B marketplace platform?

A B2B marketplace platform is an online business-to-business space to connect buyers to suppliers of products and services. Applegate harbours a diverse community of businesses, with a shared goal of simplifying business transactions These range from CNC Machining to Packaging, to Wholesale PPE.

Our platform also offers the supplier unlimited products and services slots, backlinks to potentially boost SEO, a microsite presence, and direct enquiries that are matched to suppliers using AI Technology.

B2B marketplaces generate exposure in front of active buyers looking to set up business relationships with new suppliers and award new contracts.

Which is better B2B or B2C?


This isn’t a question of what’s ‘better’, but more what’s right for your business. What’s your target audience and what quantity do you sell in? If you’re looking to sell to the general public in small quantities or one-off orders, then a B2C marketplace is relevant.

However, if you’re aiming to promote your products and services to SMEs or large corporations, public institutions, private holdings and generally any business establishment, then a B2B marketplace would be for you.

B2B marketplaces attract buyers generally looking to award business on an ongoing basis and buy in larger quantities than a B2C marketplace, granting sellers the opportunity to create new, lasting business relationships.

Why is Applegate a trusted B2B marketplace?

Applegate’s success over its 25 years of establishment has resulted in being the UK's leading online B2B marketplace, building up a substantial buyer base of over 1.5 million unique buyers using us per year. Through organisations such as NASA, The Whitehouse, Rolls-Royce, and Virgin Wines using us to source, Applegate is a very well-known and trusted name within procurement.

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted Applegate as a key, trustworthy player in the fast and easy procurement for difficult to source items of PPE through a dedicated Covid-19 Hub, receiving recognition in the Houses of Parliament.

What kinds of Buyers use Applegate’s B2B marketplace?

Applegate’s buyers are looking to save time and hassle by sourcing their goods and services on a dedicated business portal. Usually, buyers that use Applegate marketplace aren’t looking for the cheapest quote, but are interested in other factors such as quality of service, company ethos and the environmental impacts of their purchase.

The B2B buyer is generally searching with the intent to purchase, whereas a B2C buyer is more likely to browse. Typically, the B2B buyer is a decision-maker, in charge of their company’s procurement.

Applegate buyers are supported by Applegate's buyer management team,  throughout their buying process, ensuring the correct, relevant supplier is matched to the buyer enquiry. 

What are the costs involved, and what’s the ROI?
At Applegate, it’s completely free to use the platform as a buyer.

For suppliers, instead of charging for success on every sale in the form of commission, Applegate simply charges a flat subscription rate. Costs vary dependent on the industry of the supplier, but subscriptions are a fixed rate with no hidden costs or setup fees.

The potential ROI on B2B marketplaces is huge. As the buyers are at the point of purchase, essentially, it’s left to the supplier to convert. Therefore, businesses can apply the same conversion rate as they would to a hot lead. You might like to take a look at the feedback we've received from Craig Eddy at Rapid Fire Logistics who attributed 85% of their revenue over three months to Applegate. 

In a short term, the platform pays for itself - and on top of that, Applegate’s affiliate programme will pay our suppliers for placing orders on the system and referring others to use it – giving our suppliers immediate cashback rewards and helping offset membership fees. 

If you're ready to join our procurement platform or would like any further information, please contact us - we'd love to hear from you!

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