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An achievable route to grow your print business

Fakenham Prepress Solutions joined Applegate as a Supplier in September 2022.

Based in Norfolk, the team have over 40 years of experience within the design and print sector, offering a variety of different services for print and web, from major publications and websites to bespoke products such as business cards, complex brochures and advertising. 


Combining their expertise with assistance from specialist freelancers they have a wealth of experience in all aspects of print and digital media production.

Tristan Defew, Managing Director of Fakenham Prepress Solutions, had been receiving Applegate’s free trial emails since May 2022, alerting him to the types of enquiries he could be quoting on as a member. Given the relevance of the enquiries to his business, Tristan decided to join as a member as he believed Applegate offered an achievable route to grow his business.

We recently caught up with Tristan to understand his experience of Applegate so far.

Since joining the Applegate network of suppliers in September, Fakenham Prepress Solutions have been invited to quote on over 50 requests ranging from branded T-Shirts to promotional flyers and business cards. they win business regularly. Tristan told us:

‘We’ve been introduced to lots of new buyers. Applegate is a really easy and efficient route to grow business, we’ve won lots of jobs. One of the buyers who awarded us business has already come back to us to purchase again. I believe this will be the case with many more opportunities turning into ongoing business’.

Applegate aims to provide suppliers with requests that are closely matched to their business, providing them with the best opportunity to win new business and ensuring time is not wasted responding to requests that are not relevant. The portal provides an online space to manage and monitor requests from buyers and communicate with them directly. Tristan told us he finds the platform really easy to use, ‘…It’s a friendly and trustworthy service to use, and the platform is efficient and simple’.

Tristan complimented the support from our teams. As a supplier with Applegate, he has regular communication with Client Services who closely monitor his account and will highlight opportunities for additional exposure. Tristan also speaks with the Buyer Management team who will highlight any opportunities the supplier may have missed or contact them on behalf of the buyer. Applegate aims to work as an extension of your team and help streamline the process of responding to buyers and winning new business.



If you're a print supplier, seeking ways to grow your business and build new business relationships, take a look at our dedicated supplier site for further information on the benefits of joining Applegate. Alternatively, if you're looking for quotes for your next print project, simply provide us with a few details and we'll begin collating quotes from suppliers like Fakenham Prepress Solutions and others from our network. 

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