Lead Generation Made Easy for PPE Kit Suppliers

Covid-19 completely overhauled the lead generation landscape.

Lockdowns, quarantines and social distancing meant that traditional lead generation channels used by PPE masks and other PPE item suppliers, such as sales teams, tradeshows and business networking events were no longer feasible.

Personal protective equipment suppliers and most other industries had to move to digital in a massive way.

Digital lead generation is now the new normal with serious ramifications for how suppliers and buyers will reach potential customers in the future.

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According to McKinsey and Company's study, 70 to 80% of business-to-business decision- makers prefer remote human interactions or digital self-service.


The reasons given by respondents were ease of scheduling, savings on transport costs and health and safety.


 (Image source: Mckinsey & Company)

However, while many PPE masks suppliers have embraced the idea of digital lead generation, the reality is that most lack the capacity to run an effective lead generation campaign.

A lead generation system that works takes a lot of time, resources and skill to build and generate meaningful conversion rates. It isn't just a matter of sending out a cold email and waiting for a response.

Let's examine what's needed to get your lead generation off the ground:

Website optimisation: Optimisation begins with a detailed content audit to ascertain traffic sources, outreach and content gaps. Lead generation forms are developed and added to high traffic

Marketing automation: This process involves using a market automation platform to score prospects, nurture existing customers and re-engage inactive

Content marketing strategy: You need to develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy to fill your content gaps and improve existing

Digital content generation: This process entails hiring writers, video creators, blogger outreach and enlisting the help of influence marketers. These human resources also need active

From the preceding, it is evident that building a lead generation system is a tall order that most PPE masks suppliers cannot manage in-house. Outside help often has to be brought in and it doesn't come cheap.

But what if you could save time and immediately start interacting with PPE masks buyers already at the point of sourcing quotations and that have a real need and purchase intent?

Well, Applegate allows you to do just that – reach potential customers fast and without having to wait until you build a successful lead generation system.

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How the System Works

Applegate has invested in a world-class online marketplace that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to match demand and supply for PPE masks and other PPE items. The system is so cutting-edge that the company recently won grant funding from Innovate UK to conduct further research and improve AI work in this area.

The first step to getting started with Applegate is to register for free quote alerts. You fill out a simple form that requests basic details such as your name, company and contact details.

Once you are in the system, you receive free alerts when quoting opportunities arise for relevant items you supply, such as PPE masks. Buyers are screened, verified and accepted in the system.

Browse through the quote requests and if you like what you see and would like to move beyond the free alerts system and start to engage with buyers, you can upgrade to a monthly subscription.

The monthly subscription starts at £100 per month, with the median price point for suppliers being £130. There is no limit on contacts, no commission payable on contracts you win and no hidden charges.

Think about that for a second – for a minimal monthly predictable fee, you have immediate access to thousands of PPE masks buyers in the UK.

Contrast this with the average cost per single lead of £98 ($136) for the industrial and manufacturing industry.


(Image source: Linchpin SEO)

Once you subscribe to a monthly subscription, you can respond to the regular quote requests received and once a quote is accepted, you can start to build a relationship with the buyer.

All this happens within a supplier dashboard where you log in and manage all your business information.

Where Does Applegate Get their Leads?
At this point, you may be wondering where the company sources qualified leads and determines purchase intent.

There is a dedicated team that sources leads daily via several online media channels.

These buyers are in the process of sourcing quotations and have a real need and purchase intent.

To ensure the system's integrity, buyers that submit quote requests are verified to ensure they are genuine and worth the effort.
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Additional Applegate Benefits

You also get a bespoke profile showcasing your products, enabling them to appear in Applegate Search – the internal search engine.

There is no limit to the number of PPE products that you can upload to your account.

Also, you have ongoing support from the Applegate Support team via online chat, telephone and social media pages.

Applegate Track Record

Applegate has been in business since 2000. During this time, the company has built a reputation for innovative solutions that create value for both suppliers and buyers.

We recently helped a startup with limited capital funding get hundreds of leads in under three months post-launch.

But, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If you would like to find out first-hand how you can access potential PPE masks buyers with zero initial investment, start by booking a free demo. Applegate support will slot you in and discuss how membership will enable you to receive regular quote requests from verified buyers, win inquiries and build your business.

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