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7 benefits of supplying local Devon businesses

We believe Devon has a fantastic business community and developed a new initiative, SupplyDevon, on the principle that goods and services sourced locally can bring many positives to the business community. Here we discuss 7 benefits supplying goods and services locally can deliver, such as community wealth building and reducing carbon emissions.

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You’re ambitious, have faith in your product and you’re going to be a global sensation, but it's vital not to forget your Devonshire roots, those Devon companies on your doorstep can offer vital support. We want to highlight the benefits of selling locally to Devon businesses and how SupplyDevon can make this easier for you.

Here are 7 reasons you should look to supply companies from Devon as part of your selling strategy.

1.     Easier to sell and build relationships

Selling and supplying locally can be a fun and engaging way to sell your business, pre-COVID you could even build relationships face to face with just a short trip across town. Working with local business people may give you common ground, such as attending the same networking events in Exeter or walking your dog on the same beaches, making rapport building a little bit less awkward.

SupplyDevon assists buyers who are looking for your products and services and delivers them straight to your inbox, leaving you to debate whether Croyde or Saunton has the best surf in the South West.

Man surfing on Croyde wavesPhoto by Surfing Croyde Bay on Unsplash

2.     Increase in testimonials

You’ve built up a good relationship, completed a sale and provided great after-sales service. There is no better opportunity to ask for a testimonial. The Devon factor plays its part again, your new client is more inclined to support businesses from their community or recommend you to other businesses. You can never have too many positive testimonials.

3.      Retain local clients

We’ve already covered the affinity between two local businesses but there is so much benefit that can come from it. Devon clients are more likely to remain your customer for longer, making repeat purchases an easier goal to achieve and lengthening the average life cycle of your clients.

4.     Part of a carbon emissions reduction strategy

Devon prides itself on its beautiful countryside, scenic coastline, and vital national parks, many of the local tourism businesses thrive because visitors flock to Devon to visit these attractions. Devon is looking to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 (not 2050 as committed to by the UK) and local businesses are going to want and need to use local Suppliers as an easy way to cut their carbon consumption.

SupplyDevon was designed with this very idea in mind and makes it a simple process for buyers to identify companies closest to them by local region or Devon as a whole. Presenting yourself to local prospects as a carbon-reducing solution could be about to become a much more prominent feature in your sales pitch.

5.     Grant support

If you’re developing a product or service that could have an impact in Devon, look for financial support from Devon Council, LEPs or local councils, there may be money available for businesses with projects that can deliver local economic benefits.

SupplyDevon has been developed thanks to funding from the government's Sustainable Innovation Fund, which rewarded projects with the potential in supporting local economies recover from the effects of COVID-19. There are many other similar initiatives you could be getting involved with and potentially many more on the horizon.

6.     Recruitment

There is a good chance you are going recruit in the future, and there’s a strong possibility you will do so from Devon. If you’ve sold your business locally you shouldn’t be short of people knocking on your door to come and work for you. Recruiting can be an expensive operation, selling locally could save you money with all the new connections you’ve made via SupplyDevon.

7.     Grow the local economy

As businesses started to feel the fallout from COVID-19 there has been an ever-growing focus on reinvigorating local economies, this is critical in areas impacted worst, such as Devon. Devon is home to 7 of the 20 predicted worst affected districts, even before the pandemic hit it was home to the district with the lowest average wages in the UK.

By selling to other Devon businesses, money invested by local businesses can be reinvested into the communities they operate in.


So, there you have it. Some of the many reasons looking for buyers locally should be part of your overall selling and supply strategy and a little bit about how SupplyDevon can help you on your way.

We believe Devon has a fantastic business community and developed SupplyDevon on the principle that goods and services sourced locally can support community wealth building, and in the right circumstances, reduce carbon emissions.

We are passionate about local businesses working together and hope SupplyDevon will increase the volume of connections made, build longer-lasting relationships and increase sales between Devon buyers and Devon suppliers. To make this even easier SupplyDevon is also free to use for any Devon company looking to buy from or supply to other Devon companies.

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If you are interested in our new initiative, or you’d like to register your business, you can do so from the SupplyDevon Website.

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