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Our top tips for developing ongoing local relationships

By registering as a Supplier with SupplyDevon, you get the opportunity to quote on and win business from other local businesses and organisations. We’re keen to ensure that you get the most out of signing up and that you maximise your chances of finding new clients and build long lasting relationships with them. 

Devon Phone Box

Speed of response - Many buyers may have suffered disruption within their supply chain and are in need of a new supplier who can meet their requirement quickly, or they may have been let down at the last minute by their current supplier and need to find an alternative solution. Whatever the reason may be, responding swiftly will give you the best chance of winning new business. 



You’ll be notified by email as soon as we send you a new request. Login and respond as soon as possible, even if you’re not at a point of being able to send a quotation, send the buyer and message and let them know you’re working on it, or use the ‘respond later’ function to notify buyers you’re preparing a quote. 


If you think you may miss an email or may not be able to log in right away, why not grant access to a colleague. We can show you how to add other users to the platform and how to set their permissions, just get in touch


Communication - Working with local business people may give you common ground and as such, is a great way to start to build up a rapport with a potential new client.  


When it comes to responding, ensure all communication is clear and as detailed as it needs to be. Consider following up with a message once you’ve sent a quotation within a couple of days if you don’t hear anything, this needn’t be a lengthy message, but simply to let them know that you’re available if they need anything further or want to discuss any aspects of the request. Even if you’re unable to respond to a quotation, decline with a message that explains why you’re unable to help and where you can offer an alternative solution. These messages and snippets of communication will help prospective customers remember you. 


If a buyer has left their contact details on the request, don’t hesitate to call them - just let us know you’re communicating outside of the system so we’re up to date with the status of the request. 


Promote your carbon-reduction strategies - SupplyDevon aims to help reduce carbon emissions from the transport of goods across the country and the wider world. For all users of SupplyDevon, this offers a way for businesses to play their part in helping the county reach its net-zero carbon emissions goal. Do share any of your strategies with buyers, let them know how the strategies you have in place will benefit them or how it plays a part in the specific product or service they are enquiring about. This may work towards helping them decide who they wish to award new business to. 


Include a price - Where possible, always try to respond with an actual figure, this may be a starting point to be discussed further with the client if needed, but try to avoid responding with a ‘0.00’ value. If you’re unsure how to enter your pricing information, let us know and we’ll guide you through the process. 


Add documents - You may have a product brochure you wish to share, perhaps a specification document, or a price list; whatever it may be, attach it to your response, providing the buyer with as much detailed information as possible. Just use the ‘attach file’ button in the response screen. 


We're keen to ensure that we help more and more Devon buyers and suppliers connect and build lasting relationships. Don't forget, it's completely free, not just for suppliers but buyers too. If you require quotes for any of your business purchases, just raise a quote through the system.  


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